XFS Docs


XFSGO program has built-in lightweight wallet service. When the daemon starts, a default wallet account will be created.
You can view your wallet account list through the following command:
xfsgo wallet list

Create Account

Create an account address using the following command:
xfsgo wallet new

Default address

During the running of the program, some of your operations will directly use the default address, such as mining, transfer, etc.
You can use the following command to view the current default address
xfsgo wallet getdef

Transfer transaction

Use the transfer command to initiate a transfer transaction
xfsgo wallet transfer <to> <val>
The above command will initiate the specified number of transfer transactions using the default address
To initiate a transfer transaction from the specified account address, use the following command
xfsgo wallet transfer <from> <to> <val>
For more advanced options, you can use the help option to view the help document

Export and import

Use the export command to back up and export the private key file of the specified account address
xfsgo wallet export <address>
You can import the backup wallet address through the following command
xfsgo wallet import <key>